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The Black Disciples. The Black Disciples BDs are the Chicago "folks" gang that gained international notoriety in by executing its eleven-year-old member "Yummy".

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God put the stars in the sky, and with the reflection they shine. He went on to describe a funeral in where 6 or 7 hundred members attended.

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Something as yuummy as a civil RICO action, or a wrongful death 3rd party law suit against adult leaders of the BDs would be sufficient to put a good dent in this kind of gang. We interviewed one of the BD members who attended the picnic in Minnesota.

So the BD picnic is more expressive i. In a later document we will see that "unity" becomes a new organizing principle. Figure 4. One informant described how a BD had drugs stolen from him by a GD. The fact is the BD's like other gangs often do not have to spend an ounce of effort in "recruitment" per se. Arrested 14 August 69 for unlawful use of weapon, and defacing I. The BD's are typical in this respect: the members face "violations" for conduct or behavior that is a threat to the social solidarity of the gang organization.

He was now numbfr a drug program, in his late 30's, and had spent about 15 years in the BD's.

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The living top boss of this mob is "King Shorty", also known as the "crowned king" Jerome Freeman. Every BD member we talked to indicated illegal drug sales was the primary activity of the BDs and this was in fact a gang sponsored activity. Don Yujmy is a BD and according to one informant "he's got his own crew, Don Derky used to be a real character, he started an ugly riot in Division 1 at Cook County Jail, Don is a lot older than Shorty, Don Derky started a chapter in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in the early 's.

They learn to be "on guard" socially. Clearly, a typical BD member with any ability to discern such factors would obviously also have to develop a strong sense of being able to survive in a situation of ambiguity and dissonance.

This informant described his impressions of Shorty Freeman and they are largely consistent with the information:. Pine 13 July 65 the arrest is for "resisting", and again 28 July 65 "Resist. They are in constant daily contact with each other in this environment. Archived from the original on 27 May The members are not required to engage in a violent crime to show their commitment to the gang.

But as far as business is concerned, Shorty does not take any prisoners, I dealt with him hand to hand for about five years I should know. Yvonne Barksdale was born on December 17, in Chicago, Illinois.

What we have in America today is a legal lag: gangs have continued over time, outpacing the ability of American policy makers to pass legislation to control ;eople operations. Saturday Night Live.

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It is a professionally made full size picture of King David. So if the BD's are able to capture a lot of GD members, it yummu possible the BD threat rating could increase in the coming years.

Let us give thanks. They do not control sections where they do not live. She is buried at the Archerwood Cemetery. Shorty Freeman was getting a visit from a female at the time and saw our member walking around in his boxer shorts and got offended.

This is interesting as a psychological mechanism, for the first part of the rules Figure 3 may not seem too bad for a potential new recruit to the BD gang being "courted" or lured into the gang. The BDs profile more for migration-franchising: opening up new operations in new geographical areas i.

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Most use the right hand, but depending on the occasion or context the left hand will also do. It is obvious as well from different sources that there is a strained relationship between Shorty Freeman and Don Derky.

It is in this context of the "house parties" that the rules of the gang really come into play, particularly about disrespecting leaders or other members. Smaller violations can be met with a "thirty second violation", meaning thirty seconds of punishment meted out by several members of the gang while the member being punished is held, with his bkack behind his back, as other members punch the victim in the chest for the time duration of the "violation" being administered.

A member of the BD's can leave the BD gang with relative ease, that is compared to other gangs where it is "blood in, blood out". This gang does not exist solely and exclusively to sell drugs and do nothing else. But it does not show convictions for murder, drug pushing, or literally any felony crime.

Thus, insome 21 members of the BD gang were indicted for federal drug charges in Chicago. Chicago Urban Oppt. One incident where Shorty Freeman "lost his cool" was described lije us.

I shall especially be conscious of my environment, its elements and dangers therein, and shall secure myself and each righteous member of our organization from the dangers and pitfalls before us. However, sometimes when it is known a member is trying to get out other members will provoke a conflict. We have heard from several informants interviewed specifically for this BD profile that a BD chapter was intentionally formed in Milwaukee as well in the mid 's.

So, the threat level is medium ykmmy a crime perspective, because all a community needs yujmy do to challenge and undermine this kind of gang is directly confront it and its leaders and its "teachings". No one in this organization in their right mind would challenge the fact that earlier documents include "wisdom" but apparently this item is lost in more updated documents: to question this obvious inconsistency would be tantamount to treason against the BD leaders.

However, on the streets BDs have been known to battle it out with GDs on a regular basis as well. Retrieved 15 Nov I will not affiliate myself with our opposition.

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